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Information for the 2016 Season

Milo Cricket:

This is a basic beginner’s cricket program, specialized to teach the fundamentals of cricket in a fun and safe environment. Suitable for boys and girls aged 4 to 7.

Registrations for this can be done either at our registration days 13th and 20th of August, from 10am to 11am at Curtis oval clubhouse, Yates Ave Dundas Valley, or via this link:

Under 8s and 9s:

Modified cricket, designed for maximum participation with every player getting equal opportunities to bat and bowl. Played on Saturday mornings from 8:30 am to 10:30 am in teams of 8.

Played at local venues – very little travelling involved. A soft ball is used, so no protective equipment is needed. This new format has had very good feedback from those who played it for the first time last year.

Under 10s:

A less modified game, using a hard ball and full protective equipment. All one day games, 25 overs a side, from 8:30 am to 11 am.

This format is designed for participation, in order to give all children a bat and bowl in every game.

Under 11s to Under 16s:

Played with full participation in mind for all players, with mandatory retirement scores and bowling restrictions, so that all players get a fair go. (11s – 30, 12s/13s – 50, 14s – 75 and 15/16s – 100).

All new players get a free Dundas United cap. Playing shirts cost $30, from sizes 8 to XL.

Registration costs:

8/9s :  $100

10s :  $130

11s to 16s :  $160

Registration days:

There will be 2 registration days – Saturday the 13th and 20th of August from 10am to 11am, at the Clubhouse at Curtis Oval. You can also register online using the attachment below.

For any additional details and questions, please feel free to contact Greg Berriman on:


Phone: 9638 3054 or 0401 813 511